Practical Information

How to dress for the wedding?

Khmer Wedding

Ceremonies: traditional Khmer outfit dress code (we can recommend places to rent or buy some). All colors except white and black (white shirts are ok with traditional skirts or pants).

Dinner banquet: black tie dress code (cocktail dresses, suits…) in any color except white and black.


French Wedding

Ceremony and “vin d’honneur”: formal or casual “Stay Awesome” attire as you see fit! For the color code, we would love to see nude/ beige/ lights/ paster colors and for you to wear what makes you happy!

Dinner and party: anything stylish in the theme “Stay Awesome” that makes you happy and allows you to dance the night away! No color code for the evening!


Recommended Hotels

Recommended Serviced Apartments


One Residence


You can find a wide range of hotel options on Agoda and Booking, you can find more apartments options on AirBnb.

We recommend choosing central locations such as Daun Penh, BKK, Tonle Bassac for more convenience.

Recommended apps

Nham24 is a mobile application allowing you to order any kind of food, drinks and groceries delivered directly to your hotel.

Grab is a ride hailing mobile application available on Android and iOS. You can set it up with your credit card details or choose to pay by cash for each trip.

What to do before the wedding?

We are preparing a list of recommendations featuring the best things to do in Phnom Penh and around!

What to do after the wedding?

We are preparing a list of activities and travel options for those willing to enjoy Cambodia after the wedding!

New Year Celebration in Siem Reap

Kep & Kampot: seaside, river & mountain vibes

Koh Rong Islands Hopping

Enjoy and Stay Awesome!